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Thread: Zonealarm Free + AV Reset Permissions and CPU usage.

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    Post Zonealarm Free + AV Reset Permissions and CPU usage.

    i've tried to find answer for this in the manual, faq, and in the forums, i haven't found any solutions that work.
    so i post it here.

    zonealarm resets the permissions that i set for some of the programs that i set in manual mode and set the permissions by it's self.
    i have a couple of programs that like to phone home,
    i know this because i have had it alert, and been told by the manufacturer and on other forums.
    the alerts say that they monitor key stokes, and set background or screen saver that have web access and other things that i don't remember right now,
    with out clearing everything and rebooting. two of these programs have modules that check weather and time,
    and i think that they may also use the modules to phone home.
    also i think that they may use generic host process for win32 services.

    i set the permissions to,
    smart denfense to custom.
    trust level to restricted.
    outbound trusted to deny.
    outbound internet to allow.
    inbound trusted to deny.
    inbound internet to allow.
    close and with in a few minute or even seconds they reset to.
    smartdefen stays the same.
    trust level stays the same.
    all others change to allow.

    the questions i have are,

    does zonealarm do this on it's own?
    do the programs change this? it so how?
    what do i need to do to stop this and save the functionally of the programs?

    also a side question, why does vsmon use so much of my resources?

    i had i few more i wanted to ask, but for some reason after all this typing my mind
    is drawing blanks.

    i really like them and want to use all features, but i don't like them monitoring me.
    the two programs that do this are
    free winstep nexus dock.
    alienguise theme manger,any version. the ones that use theme manger, my colors ,windowblinds
    object desktop.
    generic host process for win32 services.

    the version of zonealarm is.

    ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall version:
    Vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Antivirus engine version:
    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1133092064
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