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Thread: How to open ports in ZA ?

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    Default How to open ports in ZA ?

    Those not interested in why I am considerably annoyed, please scroll down to the bolded question below. Those interested may read on and share my beef with ZoneAlarm.

    I have searched this site, and many others, for the past hour and a half looking for instructions on custom port management. I have only found outdated info that no longer works in the current version--including in ZoneAlarm's own 'new' knowledge base. In fact, there is no documentation at all on version 12, free OR paid, anywhere. Worse still, the latest documentation I was able to locate was for version TEN. That's two full versions and thus probably two full years past! As mindboggling as this seems to me, especially considering ZoneAlarm is a professional company and not just some random hobbyist in a basement, I will suppress my urge to rant and rave any longer about the utter lack of official documentation for what is no doubt one of their most used products--did I mention there is also no option for free users to provide feedback?--and get down to business.

    So let's get this over with: How do I open a custom port in ZoneAlarm
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