I have had my machine examined by my local repair shop who told me that a great many viruses were found. I have attached the log file given to me by the shop.

My question is how can this be when I am running Zone Alarm (Free Anti Virus and Firewall)? My installed version details are:

Version No:
Vsmon Version:
Driver Version:
Anti virus engine version:
Anti virus signature DAT file version: 1133544448

My OS is Windows 8.1
My machine is an HP Laptop, model: dm3

The shop also told me that many register problems had been 'fixed'.

I have to say I am not entirely convinced by what I have been told. It's my experience that it's an all too common response to a computer problem to say that it's due to a virus.

I would be most grateful if you could give me your views on this and if there is a reason, why Zone Alarm had not detected these viruses.

I thought I'd also fill you in on why this came about.

I had a problem with my laptop yesterday when it would not start from sleep mode. The symptoms I noted was that the machine appeared to attempt to start the hard drive but could not. I could feel and hear the disk turning briefly and then after a 'ping' sort of noise it stopped. This then repeated.

I tried many things without success. Eventually I left the machine for 7 hours having removed the power and the battery (to stop the repetition). After this the machine started as normal. My thoughts were either a disk fault or over-heating. The casing gets quite hot.

This morning having done a back up of all my data I tried to replicate the problem but could not. The same happened in the shop.
The man in the shop, having heard the above, told me that some viruses cause this type of problem. Again I'm somewhat skeptical of this. I'd be grateful of your opinion on this as well.

He also told me that machines with AMD memory were prone to get hot.

When I collected my machine this evening it would not start on battery power even though this is fully charged. It did start on mains power. When I got home the situation was the same. The man in the shop's reaction was to say there may be a battewry problem. I'm not convinced of that either.

Sorry about the long tale but I feel its best to state everything.