The tech chat support was unable to answer my question so I am hoping for some help from the forum.
I have a 3 pc subscription, but only using 2 right now. The third will be used shortly so I need the 3rd to be available.

My cpu on my computer crashed so I cannot uninstall ZA to remove it from one of the 3 pc slots.

My wife got a new laptop and I will be able to uninstall and then reinstall on the new laptop. So there is no problem there.

Now, when I go to use my key on the computer I bought to replace my dead computer it will think it is the 3rd subscription.

So I will have one subscription on the new laptop, one on my new computer, and one will sit on the dead computer because I could not uninstall.

I asked if they could just kill my license key and issue another, which would solve the problem, but the Tech Chat said they are unable to do that.

There has to be a better way, no?