I have a ZA Extreme Security one

one pc and a ZA Free AV and Firewall on my

second one.

With Comcast nobody's firewalls are working anymore except

Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Firewall to some extent. I tried

Bitdefender, their's doesn't work either.

Comcast made us change to an ARRIS TG862G/CT internet

modem (router) which has its own firewall also. Comcast

also changed from their prvious standard internet

connections to an IANA Private special use system IPv4 They have learned how to bypass the

firewalls so I get no incoming or outgoing blocks on

either ZA product. My internet connections do use a lot of

IPv6 addresses but a lot of IPv4's also as well as a lot

of's. I think I am losing a lot of personal info

to the powers that be.

Any ideas on how to make things work again?