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Thread: The Death of My Firewalls by my ISP

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    Default The Death of My Firewalls by my ISP

    I have a ZA Extreme Security one

    one pc and a ZA Free AV and Firewall on my

    second one.

    With Comcast nobody's firewalls are working anymore except

    Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Firewall to some extent. I tried

    Bitdefender, their's doesn't work either.

    Comcast made us change to an ARRIS TG862G/CT internet

    modem (router) which has its own firewall also. Comcast

    also changed from their prvious standard internet

    connections to an IANA Private special use system IPv4 They have learned how to bypass the

    firewalls so I get no incoming or outgoing blocks on

    either ZA product. My internet connections do use a lot of

    IPv6 addresses but a lot of IPv4's also as well as a lot

    of's. I think I am losing a lot of personal info

    to the powers that be.

    Any ideas on how to make things work again?


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    Default Re: The Death of My Firewalls

    This Forum and Checkpoint has no Control over Comcast Business Policy..

    If you live in an area that has more than one Internet Provider (ISP), then you have the option to change ISP's if your not happy with the service provided by your current ISP.

    1.) As for the Zone Alarm Free Software, it is provided AS IS, with no Official Support other than from users of this Forum..

    2.) your Zone Alarm Extreme Security is very old and no longer Supported, you must upgrade to the current Supported ZA or Later version...

    Zone Alarm Extreme Security are VERY old versions which you will get no Support from anyone on this Forum for and you will not get any support for it if you contact ZA Support directly.

    NOTE: We only Support the Latest version of Zone Alarm and nothing else.

    So what ever the issues your having with running an older version of ZAES is, we cannot help you with it at all until you upgrade to v13.xx

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    Default Re: The Death of My Firewalls

    Thank you for the info. I bought 2 years of service on the Extreme Security and still have a few months left. I am using the ZA currently. My only other option is Qwest so I'll give them a call and see what they have. I sure would like to see some of the outgoings blocked.

    Take care

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