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Thread: Unable to right click on files and folders after ZA installation

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    Default Unable to right click on files and folders after ZA installation

    After I installed the ZA firewall last night, I am unable to right click on files and folders in the laptop. What it does is bring up a blue circle that remains instead of the menu. I can use other software already open, but eventually I get a white screen and the computer crashes but then it comes back with the desktop working but still unable to right click.
    I am on a Gateway NE56R34u with Windows 8 not 8.1, although I have been prompted before to upgrade. Just got from a store, MircoCenter, refurbished in November. 500 GB, but the C drive is around 230 GB and there is a drive D and F. Any further information, I can give out if needed.
    I also did some virus and malware checking last night before installing ZA. I used AVG which came pre-loaded on the computer and it found nothing. But Super Anti-Malware software, which I installed last night, found 556 tracking cookies which it took out and Malware Anti-Bytes, which I installed in November, found a PUP trojan and it removed that.
    I believe it is ZA that is at fault because the right click function works when the machine is loading, but as soon as ZA loads it quits working. Turning the settings to medium doesn't help.
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    Default Re: Unable to right click on files and folders after ZA installation

    Did you completely removed the instances of AVG? It may be a result of conflicts. Did you removed AVG with the help of removal tool?

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