Hi, I have win ver 7, laptop ZoneAlarmall, I dont want to mess things up now, Also I like to get pc tools added , but cost $15 , a & firewall seems working good finding on its own and stopping treats, I dont see on Zone alarm web site so far like here is Zone Alarm & firewall Toolbar to dwn load an or to add to ur browsers Like I use I.E 11 and Google chrome. Is this tool bar nessary? See to me so far most inportant working fine and not interfearing w? me surfing web site as did some other antivirus that did not come w? there own firewall would cause problems start up pc would say firewall not on mean time speed to surf sites fine soon as tirn pc firewall not able to acess websites. So Got ZONEALARM w?firewall an all is fine . Seller says Do I have its tool bar enabled on pc. said no . and maybe missed it on install, in any case updates fine stops treats. and tells me of web site that r no good or dangerious etc, So What will this tool bar do that program not doing now and if need how fine to dwn load & inst. ? Also like to get pc tool s , since cleans regestry, I do my own browsers clean temps sites would do regestry if new how . but cost more $15.95 vs A .Z antivirus & f/W which got new $9.00. So so I need above toobar? or is program doing good as is. next is ther way buy o e bay lower cost for AZ pc tools to add to my program ? or way to clean what pc tools does someone tell what need to do. or last just leave things way therey are? thank you.