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    Default Parental control password

    My kid simply disabled ZA parental controls and went to an objectionable website. Does the new version have a password for parental controls?


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    Default Re: Parental control password

    Parental controls has always had a password option.

    Sounds like you either didn't set it or your child knows your passwords and disabled it.

    Another possibility is that maybe parental controls was not properly setup to block the type of website they were viewing and has nothing to do with passwords.

    Might be a good idea to change all your passwords that you use just to be on the safe side.

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    Default Re: Parental control password

    Quote Originally Posted by fedoc View Post
    My kid simply disabled ZA parental controls and went to an objectionable website. Does the new version have a password for parental controls?



    The Password protection feature that you want, has been in Zone Alarm for a very long time..
    1.) Look on the upper Right side of Zone Alarm Monitor page..
    2.) click on Tools
    3.) click on Preferences
    4.) Click on Set Password

    5.) The Password should be 8 to 12 Characters long with a mixture of Upper and Lower case as well as a few Numbers mixed in to make it harder to guess.. (make sure that you can Remember the Password, and it is not the name of a Pet or thing the Kids could guess)

    *** Note: If you forget the Password, you will be ** SOL **

    6.) after entering the Password again for verification..
    7.) click OK and exit ZA Monitor page and Reboot computer..

    Now the kids can not change any settings in Zone Alarm or in Parental Control without the Password..

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