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Thread: Pops up out of screen

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    Default Pops up out of screen

    Does anybody else have the problem on Windows 8.1 where the ZoneAlarm alerts appear at the bottom-right corner partially out of the screen? It's impossible to move the window and to see the text - so I've had to quit ZoneAlarm as I can't react to any of the alerts. Software versions:

    versione vsmon:
    Versione driver:
    Versione motore antivirus:
    Versione file DAT delle firme antivirus:1143761376

    Notebook ASUS full HD touch screen. Windows 8.1

    I read something about "use standard character" or something like that, but I haven't changed anything the notebook is new.
    Please give me some hints! I cannot use Zonealarm anymore!!!

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    Try to set the resolution DPI to 100% in the OS.

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