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    My understanding of the 'Inbound Internet' application attribute in recent versions is the same as the old 'Server' in previous versions and is something to be wary of because Trojans and other malware use this to connect to our PC's. Can someone please confirm that this is true or correct me?

    Second, many of the programs being set up in Zonealarm are set up with this attribute ON even though I have the security settings at HIGH. I do not want programs set up with this set to Yes automatically for ANY program. How can I prevent this?


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    Yes, your understanding is correct. If you want to block then you have to fully turn off several features of ZA. See here:

    I think several of your posts refers to this internet facing connections and fear of been compromised. Unfortunately majority of malware infections are instead coming via web surfing and e-mail or social engineering. Also consider that if you connect to internet via a router or modem doing NAT those connections are already blocked by your router/modem and not need to act on ZA. If you do not have a router you may think to make a small investment (as little as 20$).

    A word or caution. Blocking inboud internet in ZA will not necessarily improve your security or protection against malware on the contrary it can create malfunctions, instability and failures at OS level that you do not necessarily develop in visible problems. Also they may only come with specific interaction with programs and you may not link it back to a specific setting in ZA. This is particularly true for recent OSs (WIN7 WIN8) heavily relaying on connection with the home base.

    Also note that untrusted processes or application will anyway trigger an alert before been able to connect out, receive connection or using any trusted process on your system.

    Rather than spending time to block the knowns (with a negligible return in terms of protection) you should improve your protection against the UNknowns. See, for example, here:

    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    Please also consider that ZA trusted zone should be set to MEDIUM and not HIGH as security is controlled in the firewall zones (trusted and internet). Setting it at high may cause connection problems or failures. Probably when referring to high you mean the settings in "application control" that in retail versions correspond to "MAX" not sure in the free version. Sorry.


    EDIT: as you do not provide the version of ZA you are using I have to assume you are using the free version. Please try to post in the correct section next time or provide correct information on the version used.
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