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Thread: xp after ms support ends in april

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    Default xp after ms support ends in april

    I'getting worried about the security of my Xp desktop ( fully updated and running ZA free) after MS support ends in April 2014. My router has a rudimentary firewall, and I run ZA free on my computer. Will this protect it after the MS updates end? I also have an old laptop running Debian, two Motorola Xoom's, and a droid phone behind my router. The Xp Box is plenty fast enough and does everything I need to do, so I don't want to update it to a supported version of Windoze. Considered installing Linux in April but dread the learning curve. Also considering adding a Linux based hardware firewall to the front of the network , wondering if that would protect the soon to be crippled XP box, ( and eventually the Xooms , who's support is also ending).
    Suggestions welcome.

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    Default Re: xp after ms support ends in april

    Sorry we do not cover here general security topics but specific user to user ZA product related issues. ZA for the moment still supports XP however this is not likely to continue in the long term. As a general principle please note that the protection of ZAfree if run on untrusted platform (e.g. unpatched OS) will be limited as compared to running it on a up-to-date OS.

    I suggest you ask your question on a more general security oriented forum such as the forum.

    As the subject of this thread is offtopic I will close soon this thread.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

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    Default Re: XP after ms support ends in April

    There is a response to XP support for ZoneAlarm on the support web site under the top 5 issues area.

    It reads:

    ZoneAlarm products will continue to be supported on Windows XP SP3.
    At this time there are no plans to end-of-life product support for Windows XP.

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