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Thread: Open ports at Shields up

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    Default Open ports at Shields up

    According to the website Shields Up I have 3 open ports on my computer. They are 1024 1025 and 1026. Can anyone explain this to me in simple language.

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    Default Re: Open ports

    Suggest you go back to Shields up website to gain more information since that website is where this info is coming from. ZoneAlarm didn't design the shields up website so we cant help you with understanding its results. The GRC website where you found the shields up test also has newsgroups where you can discuss the results of there test to get answers about there meanings.

    They even have an option to get more info on the port number and what it could be used for.

    Also if you have a router that you connect your PC to by Wifi or wired connection then the results from Shields up will be due to the built in 'In-bound firewall' thats in your router, meaning the results you received have nothing to do with ZA.
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