I have not been able to get Firefox to run with ZoneAlarm, even though all the settings are set to allow it. I believe the problem started with an upgrade sometime last spring or summer and I've just been running with Application Control turned off since then. But I'd really like to be able to turn it back on since it works with every other piece of software I've got.

Searching the forum, I've tried everything I've encountered, including:
* enabling Firefox manually in the program settings
* removing Firefox in the program settings and rebooting
* rebooting and then removing Firefox from the program settings
* ensuring that my router and localhost are in the trusted zone

All other programs I have can access the trusted zone and/or internet, according to their permissions. This includes Chrome.

I've got alerts up to max and I consistently get the alert "Firefox was blocked from connecting to the Internet" whenever I try to use it. The program log verifies the blocks. The firewall log shows nothing blocked.

I am running on Windows 7. Firefox 26.0. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 12.0.118. I have no other security programs running.

For ZoneAlarm, "Antivirus is available, but not installed," Firewall and Identity&Data are active.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.