Could someone please check their ZoneAlarm firewall logs and then their OS firewall log and tell me if you have the following:

internat.exe (OS Firewall)

First, I have to admit I do not know what I am doing as far as tracking this problem down, so I hope this does not sound stupid.

The ZA log show that this is a host process for Windows Task that is deleting a value in the registry. My worry is that, according to all the threads on Google, internat.exe is not supposed to run on Win 7.
Also, I can not find this file on my system anywhere.
This is a legal file for Vista and below. There are a lot of threads concerning this file on the web, but these are mostly hijackthis logs or the virus/trojan by the same name.

Since I found this in my logs 5 days ago, I have done the following:
Spent approx 3-4 hours a day googling anything related to this file.
Spoke with 3 local computer shops.
Formatted and installed windows again.
Ran the following security:
(Win 7 Pro, current updates applied)
Microsoft Security Essentials
MalwareBytes (free)
HitmanPro (paid but ran on demand)

Kaspersky TDSSKiller
AVG Rescue CD
Avira Rescue CD

Kaspersky Rescue CD
All have come up clean.

Concerning the format of the system, I briefly did the following:
After formatted the HD and replacing the MBR, I installed Windows.
I then updated the system with all the security patches.
I downloaded ZA and installed it and rebooted the system.
The log showed the above entry.
I know this should show the file is the legit windows file, but through all my research, I can not find any instance of this file running on a Win 7 system.

Any suggestions or guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

ZoneAlarm Pro version:
Vsmon version:
Driver version: