I use an Windows 8.1 PRO reduced version and have downloaded Free Zone Alarm Firewall.

I had used that file
and after start install an Windows display message
Install.exe Application Error
Instruction 0x001df6c6 reference memory 0x00000000 Memory cannot be read

My Windows 8.1 PRO is an installation reduced that not have some services :
- Telnet.
- Windows Defender.
- SMB1.
- Windows Error Reporting Service.
- Trivial File Transfer Protocol.
- Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
and some others.

That Windows have some services :
- COM+.
- Remote Access Connection.
- Firewall.
- ICS.
- Volume Shadow.
and several others.

Free Zone Alarm Firewall use which Windows Services ?
I can create another Windows personal ISO not removing required services for use Zone Alarm.
Zone Alarm look to be a good firewall.
thanks for reply.