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Thread: Allow Incoming from iPhone on Wifi

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    Default Allow Incoming from iPhone on Wifi

    I've been trying to get my VLC remote , wiht my iPhone, to work over wifi

    It works good for me on my Macbook, but for my windows desktop I can see my VLC player, but I cant control it for some reason..

    How do I add an exception to allow incoming from my iPhone's Ip address? (or mac address)

    How do I go about this? I believe that ZoneAlarm is my current and only firewall software running on my Windows 7 machine.

    P.s. Are their any log files written anywhere that maybe I can read to see what is being blocked or why I cant get access with my iPhone?
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    Default Re: Allow Incoming from iPhone on Wifi

    First check is to try to shudown ZA and check if you can get "incoming" without ZA. If not, then I am afraid it may be linked to some windows configuration and not ZA.

    If it works then there is limited possibility in fine tuning ZAfree. You need to ensure your LAN/Network in ZA firewall zones is set to TRUSTED as well as your router. Then check that the ZA Trusted zone is set to MEDIUM and not high.

    For the rest, ZAfree does not offer any ad-hoc port opening. Ensure that all applications involved with communication have fully green ticks all across in the ZA application control.

    Best would be to start clean with a reset of the ZA settings (tools --> preferences --> reset to defaults) and double check the above settings.


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    Question Re: Allow Incoming from iPhone on Wifi

    Still no luck...

    I think is my computer... I have turned off ZA and my AVG Protection.

    I've even used the Setup Helper by the developer.

    On my iPhone I can see the computer, but cant control my VLC media player
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    Default Re: Allow Incoming from iPhone on Wifi

    If you shut down ZA firewall and your antivirus that rules those out.

    Check the windows firewall. Its probably enabled.

    Beyond that you will have to take this up further with the VLC developer to troubleshoot.

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