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Thread: [WORKAROUND] Solution for ZoneAlarm POPUP off screen

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    Default [WORKAROUND] Solution for ZoneAlarm POPUP off screen

    Although there was a similar thread that was closed by a moderator,
    a reasonable solution was not found.

    Simply move your Taskbar to the top of your screen!
    ( either permanently or temporarily )

    This will cause the Suspicious Behavior dialog box to display perfectly as it tends to want to drop below your Notification Icon Tray area. If the Taskbar is on the top of the screen you can once again read the dialog box !!
    This program bug is revealed by using the Windows 7:
    Control panel / Display : "Make it easier to read what's on your screen"
    Small 100%, Medium 125%, Larger 150% (or custom)

    By using 150% ( which I do because I'm using three 50" Screens ) the dialog box drops out of view and what ever program you are using or installing GRINDS to a halt... ~~snip~~

    I wish I could say I figured this out right away but I didn't. It took a great deal of thought, trial and error...

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