I have Zone Alarm installed on a PC on my Home Network! The other PCs use the standard windows firewall. All use Windows 7 64 bits SP1!

The problem is that I can't access the shares that are made on the PC that has Zone Alarm Free Anti-virus + Firewall. That PC can access the shares made on other PC's, but it isn't possible from other PC's to access the shares made on the PC that has Zone Alarm installed.
This problem occurs intermittently, and goes away if I disable Zone Alarm Firewall - Just the firewall component!
I have set my home network as a trusted location, and, as I said I can in fact access the shared files/printers on that PC, sometimes! Other times I receive the message that the PC is not accessible! Sometimes it won't even get listed on the windows network discovery.
I also noticed that the problem only starts occurring a few minutes after booting up the PC, meaning that I initially can access the shares. And then intermittently I can and I can't!

I am using version
Tried reinstalling but the problem remains!
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Windows Firewall is off!