Had ZA pop up and access authorization window for BringStar.exe which was deemed malware by ZAES and must have been part of what I like to call a "Guerrilla Install" back doored in with some other program. I hadn't installed anything on the date the file folder appeared (01/28/14) so asked my son (pilot) who uses the puter for flight sims. The only thing control panel shows being installed same date is nVidia's new GFX drivers and a Backup utility upgrade (FBackup).

I web search with Yahoo and Google comes up dry. Uninstalled the program but it resulted in a Error .... still have a program folder with

C\ProgramFiles(x86)\BringStar\bin\utilBringStar.ex e

There are also 4 registry entries. Before manually deleting, given the total lack of any web sources on this file, wanted to ask here 1st.