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    Default [SOLVED] ZA blocking internet access

    I'm having a problem with ZA Extreme (12.104.000) on two Win7 pro computers. Without warning browser and Outlook connectivity is blocked. I can't access the web or send/receive e-mail. I can't even access my router! This is not a NIC or router issue as I can see and access remote computers through my VPN as well as other computers on my home network. The fix so far has been to deactivate ZA-E (in one case to remove it and replace with the free version), access the web and then restart ZA. I have the notebook Bata ZA Extreme installed on my Win7 home notebook and ZA Extreme on a Win8.1 Pro tower with no issues. Ay suggestions before I blow Extreme away on the remaining Win7 box? In order to edit this post I had to shut ZA down.!!!!!!!
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