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Thread: can't scan or update, but license is current

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    Default can't scan or update, but license is current

    Have been trying to diagnose a problem on my Vista machine. Initially the icon in the system tray indicated that update was past due, even though I had just run an update. And when I would open the Monitor, it also indicated that updating was past due. Rebooting, restarting ZA didn't change anything.

    So I successfully reinstalled my product, ZA Extreme Security, and it now indicates that updates are current. But Update and Scan are not active. Those 'buttons' are grayed out in both the pop-up menu you get when you right-click on the system tray icon and in the System Monitor

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: can't scan or update, but license is current

    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard --> paste in a reply. Remove the license key.

    Also see here for similar case:


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