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Thread: windows start very slow

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    Default windows start very slow

    Hi, in previous week until now every time i install zonealarm free firewall or Antivirus + firewall on any windows, the computer starts to slow and after show the windows desktop take about 30 seconds or more to show the shortcuts... If i uninstall ZA the shortcuts are displayed instantly after desktop start... Do you know anything about that...
    The windows is a fresh installation so it couldnt be windows fault...

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    Default Re: windows start very slow

    Is this a laptop? Notebook? Is fresh windows installation from Microsoft or windows offered from another producer (HP, Lenovo, etc.). I ask you since windows installed on portable PCs are customised and specific programs are added by the manufacturer (keyboard driver, keypad driver, power save controls, etc...)

    Also is this a new PC? RAM available? OS installed? Malware infection in the past (some malware can resist formatting and OS reinstallation)?

    All the above aspects can have an impact when installing ZA. Assuming the hardware is ok. No problem in the HD, RAM, etc. then normally what you describe is caused by conflicts with third party utilities.


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