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Thread: UPDATED: ZoneAlarm crashes Windows 8.1 if Stop-Internet-Activity is activated

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    Default UPDATED: ZoneAlarm crashes Windows 8.1 if Stop-Internet-Activity is activated

    Hi folks,
    not so much a problem but a warning (hope this is the right forum, my english is not that gread): Today I set the ZoneAlarm Firewall to "Stop all Internet activity " and forgott to turn that back off. After restarting my PC it crashed about 2-3 minutes later. The only thing I could do was starting my PC in safe mode (which is just terrible with Win 8.1, I was lucky that I had those 2-3 minutes or there would be nothing I could have done) and uninstall ZA which solved the problem. Just a heads up.
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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm crashes Windows 8.1 if Stop-Internet-Activity is activated


    This type of issue will not happen with ZA its tested in QA before release.

    But we just tested it again to assure you.

    Win 8.1 will not have any issues if you turn off internet activity in ZA and reboot your PC.

    PC will boot up but wont have internet access. No errors or crashes.

    Now what probably is happening in just your single case is that you have other apps, drivers or hardware that are expecting an active internet connection on boot of the PC and since ZA has turned that off those apps, drivers or hardware are crashing your PC and not ZA.

    It would not make any sense to undo the option upon reboot of a PC. Most users like the fact the PC can be rebooted with no Internet activity so that will not change in the feature.

    You need to find out what on your PC that causing this issue and does not like the fact there is no Internet on boot. It is not the OS we have tested and verified that as a fact.

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