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Thread: VPN connects and then diconnects

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    Default VPN connects and then diconnects

    I use a VPN to connect to a remote server. I'm using SSTP to make the connection from my Win 7 64bit pc and connecting to Windows 2011 server. It connects fine and then 20 seconds or so later disconnects..

    I have tried snoozining firewall and Av in my ZA Extreme Security, I've tried exiting ZA and I've tried starting computer without ZA and stopping truevector. All have no effect.

    The only way I can establish a longterm connection is to uninstall ZA.

    Can anyone offer advice or assistance as to how to resolve this issue.?

    I've also tried some rules and put the host into the trusted category.

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    Default Re: VPN connects and then diconnects


    Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> about --> copy to clipboard --> paste it here. Please also detail the OS used (+SP if applicable) and what other security tools are installed.

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    Default Re: VPN connects and then diconnects

    Since SSTP is just a secure SSL tunnel to transport PPP or L2TP traffic through, there is a known bug in ZA with this type of vpn traffic.

    At this time there are no workaround or ETA when there will be a fix.

    The only advice that can be given at this time is to switch to a vpn connection that does not use L2TP such as OpenVPN. We do know that OpenVPN will work 100% with ZA.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that has created for you.

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