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Thread: problem installing ZA Extreme on a Dell XPS 430 WinVista Prem x64 SP2

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    Angry problem installing ZA Extreme on a Dell XPS 430 WinVista Prem x64 SP2

    About a month ago my DSL modem went down, and at the sametime ZA showed an X on it and the anti virus was missing from the about window.I have since got a new modem/router which took a few days to set up. I thenstarted to install ZA again and every time it does the same thingas noted above. gone to Tech chat and got the same steps each time or now theycan't figure it out. I have runMalwarebyte two times first found something deleted off computer, second foundnothing, and then delete all traces of this program off my computer. then ranMS malicious software removal tool andfound nothing. I have no other Anti Virus on my computer.

    The steps tech gives me are unistall ZA from programs, runthe clean tool, go to safe mode and run %temp% and delete files, run prefetchand delete files, go through C: and look for any files that have zonealarm orcheckpoint and delete, go to regedit and delete anything to do with zonealarm, checkpoint, kaparsky, clear out recycle bin. restart and go to normal shut down start upprograms, shut down Window firewall and reboot. Tech sent me a zip file of theprogram current version and I install and get the same problem, done about 20times. I even tried run as administrator no dice. I even added a new user andistalled from there no dice.

    Dell XPS 430 WinVista Prem x64 SP2
    All windows update are current
    your my last hope I can't find anything on the net with thissame problem
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    Default Re: problem installing ZA Extreme and entering the licence Key.

    I am afraid that we cannot add really much considering you have already followed all the troubleshooting steps normally suggested by the official ZA support.

    The only additional step I can think of is (without ZA installed) going back to a restore point before the problem appeared. If you cannot do this the only other solution is a fresh OS install.

    May be other users here have a better solution but I really doubt. For sure you need to do all the above with a clean start (not even MBAM in there) ... only MS components and services.


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    Default Re: problem installing ZA Extreme and entering the licence Key.


    I agree with Guru Fax advice..

    I once owned an HP Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2 IE9 8GB ram 2 500GB HD's with ZA Extreme Security for several years.

    As I recall, Several times I had to Restore the Vista OS to Factory Recovery status..

    Eventually the Motherboard and primary HD crashed and I found it was cheaper for me to replace that computer with a NEW Faster Windows 7 64-bit computer than repair the old Vista computer..
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    Default Re: problem installing ZA Extreme and entering the licence Key.

    thank you both for your advice, the wonderful world of windows. I had a sick feeling I would have to rebuild the OS I did that four months ago after a weird crash of sorts. I use the recover disk to repair the OS and ended up rebuilding everything. And I think by reloading a backup I had, it loaded files that I don't have the original program for but the file are there, I have deleted most folders but I think there are files I don't know about that may be lingering. I will try the restore point step if don't work, OH! well we start over again.

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