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Thread: Resolved: Eve Online game cannot download updates > Turn off Web Scan

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    Default Resolved: Eve Online game cannot download updates > Turn off Web Scan


    I use ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall version
    Vsmon version
    Driver version 12.102.000
    on a Windows 7 (64-bit) PC
    My access to the internet is by cable.

    I recently switched to ZoneAlarm, and have had trouble updating Eve online. Eve online regularly -almost daily- needs to download patches. What happens is that the program 'starts' the download only to break off with the error message "The server you are connecting to could not be reached". In the task manager I see that the server is reached, as data is being transferred to my PC.

    Snoozing the Firewall and the Antivirus for 5 minutes does not fix it. But shutting down Zonealarm does. Until the patch has been downloaded and installed. I'd rather not do that.

    Does anyone have a 'recipe' to configure ZoneAlarm (or vsmon) to let the updater 'through'?
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