I'd like to know more about whether these so called "Password Vaults" are really safe and worthwhile. We're a background screening company, so we must handle and safeguard sensitive personal information on our clients. We're in the process of beefing up our security, and will, among other things, be developing numerous passwords/passphrases for our installation. Obviously strong passwords/pass phrases can become difficult to remember, and therefore must be kept SOMEWHERE for reference. My initial research has led me to look deeper into these password vault programs, and from what I've read I have some misgivings that I'd like to get clarified. One such program, called, "Password Safe", an open source program that advertises itself as very secure. What concerns me, however, is that the encryption algorithm that is uses, "Twofish", which apparently is also open source. If that's true, then how secure can the program be if anyone can have access to the encryption algorithm? Can anyone tell me if these password vault programs are really safe and secure, and if so, which one(s) would be the most recommended?