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Thread: Unknown incoming and outgoing callouts/requests on private ports after fresh instal

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    Default Unknown incoming and outgoing callouts/requests on private ports after fresh instal

    Hello my name is Lisa, and I am new to Zone Alarm. So far I love the program, it is the best protection software I have found so far. Kaspersky used to be my favorite until I heard about ZA from my friend. I noticed some strang activity coming from my computer. I was infected with the Conficker a while back, along with boot pilar, and a few other nasty worms and rootkits. I think it was a crime kit. Anyways, I did a full diskpart and clean all, totally wiped the disk, many times. I just did a fresh install, and have only downloaded ZA, and firefox. I noticed ZA is blocking outgoing transmissions to my router from private ports on my pc. With a fresh instal and no programs on my pc, I'm not sure why I would be having private ports calling out to anything. Here is the logs.


    I will attach the other log in the next post as it is too big to post here. Sorry I'm still really new to this. Thank you for being patient with me.

    Here is log 2

    Any help with this would be wonderful. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I'm still kind of new to all this, but I love computers and learn quick. What exactly is going on with these logs? Can anyone help me? I'm hoping those worms arent residing in my memory, not sure if thats possible or not, but I have read somewhere before that they can reside in memory, so even if you reinstall they just redrop there code upon every fresh instal. Also, I think I might have been hit with a hypervisor rootkit as part of the crime kit (I noticed before I did the fresh install I had random pictures of blue and red pills showing up on my pc, and a google search brought me to an article about hypervisors being able to intercept hardware requests, my pc supports Intel vt-x virtualization. I hope someone with more knowledge than me can help me out with this.
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    Default Re: Unknown incoming and outgoing callouts/requests on private ports after fresh inst

    IP address 192.168.*.* are connected to your router. IP addresses 10.*.*.* would be within a business LAN using multiple routers.

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