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Thread: List of blocked IP addresses even after rebuilding machine.

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    Default List of blocked IP addresses even after rebuilding machine.

    Hello ZA forumites. To get straight to business, we're having (or rather my father is having) quite the issue with suddenly getting a list of blocked outbound addresses just after rebuilding computers on our network from a backup.

    In the last week or so we had to remove several viruses from a couple different computers, and my father had to rebuild his office computer (supposed to be for work only) from scratch. He's set his security to the most paranoid level possible, but is still apparently getting blocks from other machines immediately after doing nothing more than putting Windows and ZA back on.

    For an example, the attached list is just from one of the other computers - the one I'm typing from.

    His main concern is that a list of blocked outbound attempts does not necessarily mean a safe computer: he can't review every single one that WAS let through and is wanting to know who the **** is calling out and what they're trying to say.

    Now I'm not stupid; I've studied for Cisco networking stuff. But I need a list of applications and processes to have a decent idea WHAT is trying to go WHERE. The 'where' doesn't tell me much unless its known as a spam/virus/scam site.
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