hello ther fax, thanks for the reply,

recommended sys reqs>> okay, so my computer does not meet the sys reqs for the optimal performance recommendations, but i can still install it on another computer that does:

ZA 11 Web Install
1. "set ZA search as my home page and new tab for: all browsers
2. "set ZA search as my default search provider for: all browsers
otherwise it won't install the program.

is this susposed to happen?
because i don't want my home page brower stuck as ZA....

and by the way it also says "quick install"
no, i don't want to do a quick install, i want to set it up how i want to...

okay, so i thought that this was just limited to ZA 11, or "perhaps", by some fluke, i got a bad program from someone else who tampered with it or something, because this is definitely not how a program is supposed to run. a program that contains malcious hidden software in it runs this way. just to be sure, i downloaded ZA12 from zonealarm.com, and tried that one as well. nope. same EXACT problem. okeydokey. this is not good. looks like a got a malicious peice of software. i am not going to run it. it looks dangerous.

fax, can you PLLLLEAASE HEEEEEEEEeeeeeeellllllllppppppp me?