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Thread: Tune-Up Greyed Out?

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    Question Tune-Up Greyed Out?

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security top right side of the main control panel why is the Tune-Up short cut link greyed out and does nothing when you click it (I have Tune-Up installed, the std version)

    To run tune-up from the control panel I have to click on computer then click on Tune-Up, why is this. if its always going to be greyed out, why have it there in the 1st place?

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    Default Re: Tune-Up Greyed Out?

    Sorry all users here, if you have a valid license you can contact, free of charge, the official ZA technical support at the link in my signature. Look for the icon "contact us".
    Probably you are running an OS that Tune-up does not support. Let me guess... windows 8? Then next version will likely bring support for tune-up. No precise ETA, probably Q1 of this year.

    In my opinion better not to run optimization tools, they mess more than fix. If you really need to clean up your system use, for example, the free ccleaner.


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