I recently downloaded and installed an application called Convert Files For Free. I had also done some other tweaking of my computer at the same time. The next time I turned on Firefox 12.x or IE 11 every time I opened a new tab or entered something in a form the browser would get hijacked and sometimes invoke the "Attack Web Page or Phishing Page" alarm. Sometimes several ad tabs and windows would open. Zone Alarm Security Suite found nothing when I ran a complete scan after updating!

I ran two other security programs, Spybot Search and Destroy and Malwarebytes both found lots of adware, and each found a virus which they neutralized respectively. I am disappointed that the newest Zone Alarm Security Suite did not detect any of this!

The ads kept coming even after all the other junk was removed. It was just by chance that I discovered the culprit: Convert Files For Free! I uninstalled it ran Desktop Mechanic Registry Clearner to insure that all traces of it were gone. It's smooth sailing.

I wanted to attach two log files that the other security programs created to show what they found but this system wouldn't let me upload them as txt or zip files. I hope that someone in development eventually reads this and makes the necessary adjustments to Zone Alarm.