When I first had this problem it was a week ago, I went onto a computer help forum and tried asking for help there. Here is the link here, so if you read it you will get an idea of what is going on. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/foru...-of-bandwidth/

Had done many many scans with lots of programs including Kaspersky full internet security, malware bytes the full version and adwcleaner, JRT the list goes on. Though I think I have removed some of the malware I am still having this same problem but now it is not as bad as it was at the start. At first it was draining my internet at a fast rate I have a bandwidth meter I had been monitoring and at first whatever this was it was doing it at extremely fast pace. I think since installing the free version of zone alarm firewall it has slowed it down though not completely blocked it just has slowed it down.

When I check my bandwidth meter and see it sucking up my bandwidth again I just go into advantaged settings on zone alarm fire wall and I click on block public servers and it stops it right away but at the same time it stops my internet from working altogether. I then un-tick block public servers so I can use the internet I check my bandwidth meter and whatever this thing is it has stopped sucking up the bandwidth, then about 20 minutes later it comes back. I can't stop it, I have been trying for over a week now to fix this problem.

I am 100 percent sure it is not someone stealing my wireless as I don't have wireless at all and my bandwidth meter is saying it's my computer's network that is using the bandwidth.