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    Default Application Blocked - Bose SoundTouch

    Hi !

    I use the Bose SoundTouch 20.

    And I get an error with their SoundTouch App. I have spent a lot of time trying to find the reason for my error (1608 Service Unavailble) when trying to access my music library through this app.

    I use Zonealarm as my firewall.

    Only when I completely shut down Zone Alarm (after about 10 seconds) music streams just fine through this app to the speaker. So everything works normal then.

    The setup is as follows:

    The speaker is wireless and streams music from you music library to the speaker. For that you install an application that is called SoundTouch. With that another application called Sound Music Server runs in the background.

    When I start up Zone Alarm again I get the same error right back. Oddly enough when Zone Alarm is still active but I disable the Firewall and Program control completely the error is still there. That makes no sense.

    I have done everything possible I can think of in Zone Alarm to allow full access for SoundTouchApp and SoundTouch MusicServer which are both required to stream music wireless to the speaker.

    I did this under ZoneAlarm -> Computer -> Application Control -> View Programs -> "set both apps to super and full trust level with all boxes ticked on green"

    I have never had any issues whatsoever with ZA regarding any application. It seems it makes no sense why Music streaming only works when ZoneAlarm is completely shut down.

    Any ideas what the reason could be from the Firewall side?

    Thanks for the help
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