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Thread: fully internet access after program update

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    Question fully internet access after program update

    (sorry for my rookie english)


    I use a program which checks itself at startup if an update is available. If yes, the program updates itself and restart. After restart, ZoneAlarm pops up and asks again if this program (the new version) can connect to internet.

    How can I avoid this? The program updates automatically at night and must have web access all the time. How can I setup ZoneAlarm to ignore (resp. grant web access for) this single programm at any time, also after an update?

    Application Control for this program

    Smart Defense: Auto
    Trust Level: Super
    Save Zone - outgoing
    Internet - outgoing
    Save Zone - incoming ?
    Internet - incoming ?
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    Default Re: fully internet access after program update

    From the same screen where you see the programs and access permission you select the program with the mouse you click on "option" button down-right the windows.

    Then you tick on the option "Program changes frequently", if this is not enough, also check on "Authenticate programs by full patch only". A reboot may be needed for the changes to take effect.


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    Default Re: fully internet access after program update


    By doing this you open yourself up to being hacked easily.

    If this application is ever hacked or compromised you wont know about it ever and your system will be breached.

    So use at your own risk.

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