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Thread: Moving Zone alarm to new PC

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    Default Moving Zone alarm to new PC

    I have ZA on 3 computers. One is my laptop which is old and keeps stopping working. I have bought a new computer and want to transfer my ZA from old to new. What happens if it conks out completely before I have been aable to uninstall it? I need an idiots guide and find instructions above are too complex and jargony.

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    Take good note of the ZA license key and then remove ZA from the old computer. Then install ZA in the new system and when requested input your license key.

    ZA installer link is at the top of this forum. Just download the right version you have purchased.

    Often new system comes with antivirus preinstalled on a trial base. Be sure to remove any security tools installed before proceeding with ZA installation.

    Also take care to fully update your new system with Microsoft patches, ideally before installing ZA.

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    Remove all 3rd party antivirus and security software:

    Note: If your laptop becomes unfunctional before uninstalling.Just install ZoneAlarm version on new computer and enter your License Key.

    Provided you have current valid 3 user license.The number of devices your license is for, remains the same.
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