The Security Toolbar was showing up and working fine in Firefox (always last or last but one version) with ZASS v12.0.104.000 in my 3 systems, 2 Windows XP SP3 and 1 Vista SP2. The corresponding add-on was also listed in Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions.

But since I updated to ZASS v13.0.208.000, all 3 Firefoxes lost their ZASS Security Toolbar: it doesn't appear in the GUI nor it's listed with the add-ons anymore. Firefox version was v27.0.1 when I updated ZASS. Afterwards I updated Firefox to v28.0, what didn't alter the Security Toolbar situation.

No issues with IE8 in any of the systems. No other ZASS problems either.

Is this by design, some known incompatibility, or an anomaly here? But it's occurring in 3 systems under 2 OS's...