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Thread: Computer running so slow as to be unbeleivable.

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    Post Computer running so slow as to be unbeleivable.

    For several weeks, my computer has beenvery difficult to work with. It seemed pre occupied! I have ZoneAlarm Extreme security installed, it never seemed to locate the problem. Last night I downloaded afree version of antispyware program ~snip~, and ran it. That program found I was being“attacked” 4 or more times a minute. WOW! I thought if Idisconnected from the internet, I could get something done. Wrong,they kept coming. So I started looking and found that they werecoming from a program installed right on my computer! It was called“Find Right”. I do not know what it was or how it got there, butdeleting it stopped all that busy- ness. ~snip~ called it“Trojan.WIN32.GenericIBT” .

    I am writing this and plan to send acopy to Zone labs, (I was, but they apparently have no open access to people running their product)
    I am also beginning to wonder whatprograms I really need to keep my computer safe and operable.
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