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Thread: Computer running so slow as to be unbeleivable.

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    Post Computer running so slow as to be unbeleivable.

    For several weeks, my computer has beenvery difficult to work with. It seemed pre occupied! I have ZoneAlarm Extreme security installed, it never seemed to locate the problem. Last night I downloaded afree version of antispyware program ~snip~, and ran it. That program found I was being“attacked” 4 or more times a minute. WOW! I thought if Idisconnected from the internet, I could get something done. Wrong,they kept coming. So I started looking and found that they werecoming from a program installed right on my computer! It was called“Find Right”. I do not know what it was or how it got there, butdeleting it stopped all that busy- ness. ~snip~ called it“Trojan.WIN32.GenericIBT” .

    I am writing this and plan to send acopy to Zone labs, (I was, but they apparently have no open access to people running their product)
    I am also beginning to wonder whatprograms I really need to keep my computer safe and operable.
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    Default Re: Computer running so slow as to be unbeleivable.

    Please see here below how to configure your system and ZA Extreme for maximum protection and how to report false negatives to Kaspersky (antimalware engine in ZA). It is essential you keep your system and ZA up-to-date and mind about anything you install on the system.

    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

    Moreover, to be sure your system is clean please follow the steps below including posting your PC logs to specialised volunteers antimalware experts at or Spywarehammer.

    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    Sorry, I had to remove refererence to the antispyware software used, first to avoid spam messages about X is better than Y or X detects something than Y does not. Then also to avoid that other users reading having the impression that software X is a good product. As the overall capacity of the software is rather limited compared to other free antimalware products. It was indeed a very good product some years ago, it is not unfortunately the case nowaday.


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