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Thread: Question about IP and ports?

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    Default Question about IP and ports?

    Referring to following IP information, I would like to know whether Google is established a connection from 80 port (foreign address) to port 4797 (local address) or not. I get no idea on what google is doing using this port, but ZA firewall does not block it and no alert at all.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions :>

    Local Address
    218.x.x.x:4797, my ISP's DHCP server IP
    Foreign Address, which is google

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    Default Re: Question about IP and ports?


    Sorry, this Zone Alarm Forum is a forum to discuss common solutions to ZA product related issues not a Generic security or Networking Forum..

    Please consider posting your message to more Generic forums related to security and networking such as the bleepingcomputer forums..

    Bleepingcomputer <= click here
    or SpywareHammer <= click here

    As you seem to have several problems with Zone Alarm Free version, it may be probably better for you to Remove Zone Alarm and to test other Free Firewall software that may run correctly on the computer.

    You may also Benefit, if you could find somebody knowledgeable in computers that lives close to you who could look at your computer and help you properly clean and configure your computer..

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    Default Re: Question about IP and ports?

    In the event your still using ZoneAlarm.

    From SmartDefense Advisor:

    Source IP Address The IP address of the computer that sent the packet which caused the alert.

    Source Port 64096 The port used by the source computer when sending the packet.

    Destination IP The IP address of the computer to which the packet was sent.

    Destination Port 80 The port on the destination computer used to receive the packet.

    This IP is also in the Netrange: - as you.

    From Tools > Logs > Log Viewer > Log Type Firewall: Outgoing Blocked

    From ZALog.txt:

    FWOUT,2014/04/02,23:05:46 -5:00 MT,,,TCP... blocked by the rule ExtBlockAll2

    Go to Tools > Preferences > Select Reset to Defaults.Reboot.Do not touch default settings and do not restore your old settings.You could re-introduce issue, and relax.

    Out of suggestions here.Other users might want to chime in.
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    Default Re: Question about IP and ports?

    Thanks, to everyone very much for suggestions :>

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