Since upgrading to ZIS 2015, the firewall blocked external access to Serv-U 14.02

Am sure that the Firewall is blocking, cos access was allowed when i "Snooze Firewall for 5 minutes".
Also worked if i lowered the Advanced Firewall Setting to Medium (which i do not want to do).

Solutions I tried before without success include:

- Going into Application Control settings and set serv-u to Supertrust, and allowed all 4 paramenters

- deleting the serv-u settings, so tzonealarm ask me again if i would grant access. I clicked yes, all 4 parameters in Application Control Settings turned green, yet, connection still blocked.

- I also tried completely uninstalled and reinstalled ZIS 2015, so everything was back to learning mode, still no success.

At the end, i had to reinstall ZIS 2014 to get it back to work.

So, obviously, this is a bug in ZIS 2015's firewall .

Hope this gets resolved soon. Thanks.