I just installed the latest version of Zone Alarm, Vers Immediately before the installation of the latest ZA, I had been using my preferred browser, Goggle Chrome, and never had any problems (using the older version of ZA). Now when I type into a Goggle Chrome application like Goggle Calendar, the typing comes out gibberish. I get the same gibberish when I type into my email from the Goggle Chrome browser. I can copy and paste into these applications just fine. The strange part is, when I open my Goggle Calendar application from the Internet Explorer Browser my typing comes out just fine. Also the case when I type into my Goggle Mail application from Internet Explorer Vers 11. I installed the latest version of Goggle Chrome to see if that fixed the problem and it has not. Has anybody else had this problem with the new Zone Alarm Vers and the Goggle Chrome browser? If so, have you found a fix?