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    Question Computer at risk message

    I keep getting "computer at risk" message. Yellow exclamation point on icon. When I click on the icon (and open) everything seems to be in order.. "computer is secure". The yellow exclamation point is gone... Then a few minutes later it shows again..

    ZoneAlarm with Antivirus version:
    ZoneAlarm license key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Antivirus engine version:
    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1150291264

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    See if this will resolve your issue.

    Tool > Preferences > Reset to Default.Place a check on " I also want to revert my AV....

    Restart your PC & click Update from the client side.On the very top right of the GUI.

    Do not touch Default settings & do not Restore old settings.You could re-introduce issue.

    If this didn't resolve your issue.Link for different issue, but valid instruction for clean install.

    The instruction for a clean install are below:

    If current valid license.Contact Support:
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