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Thread: HIPS in ZA Free Firewall ???

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    Default HIPS in ZA Free Firewall ???

    Is there HIPS in ZA Free Firewall ?
    and if so what are the differences w/ the paid version??

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    Default Re: HIPS in ZA Free Firewall ???


    The latest ZAfree inherited the smardefense function from the retail versions
    . While in the retail version also include HIPS (monitoring for dangerous behavior) the ZAFree one only provides local/internet zone(s) outbound control.

    Programs and executable are added to the program list but they are dormant unless they access to the local/internet zone(s).
    On default settings, executable and files are given permissions based on the central ZA database of known good / know bad (cloud). If the file is not presented in the central database it will be added but you will see "?" all across the different sections.

    On top of the smartdefense, Microsoft certified executable are granted access automatically regardless of the program control settings.
    If you want to turn OFF this feature you will need to UNcheck "Enable Microsoft catalog utilization" (somewhere in the advanced options). The same applies to smartdefense database that can be turned off under the ZA program control section.

    With both features turned OFF you will flooded by requests (especially on fresh install of ZA) and normally this is not recommended unless you know what are you doing. Blocking permissions to certain executables may only give raise to issues under particular scenarios that are not easy to track back to ZA once they happen.

    NOTE: Always keep in mind that ZAfree offers limited outbound control on the system as compared to the retail version, you will need to adapt yourself to those limitations (including no support) otherwise you may want starting testing other free tools to see if they better fit your needs.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: HIPS in ZA Free Firewall ???

    No, not in that sense of of a true (HIPS).

    Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS): Program that alerts the user to a malware program such as a virus that may be trying to run on the user's computer.

    In ZoneAlarm it uses:

    OSFirewallTM monitors programs for suspicious behavior, spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional antivirus protection:

    Some features are only in premium products.
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