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Thread: Blue Screen of Death

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    Default Blue Screen of Death

    I di not do a clean install and my laptop crashed. In safe mode I was able to clean up, restart and tried again = crashed. After much cleaning (revo Pro, CCleaner, PCTools Reg Mechanic) I think ZAES is cleaned off my XP laptop. I don't want to try 130-... again but go back to 120-.... I tried with the download I previously had but it failed. Can I go back? If not what more can I do?

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    Older versions of Zone Alarm are not Recommended and no longer supported..

    Try this clean install procedure that works for most users..

    Follow these instructions Below to clean your computer of the old version and any conflicting 3rd party Security programs, then install a clean new copy of the current supported version of ZA

    The instruction for a clean install are below

    1. Download the latest ZA 13 (2015) version
    <== click here

    2. Remove your current ZA version (in XP use Windows add/remove programs/Windows 7/8 Uninstall a program)

    3. Remove other security tools installed. Use to double check no left overs are present.

    4. Clean your system and registry with the Free Ccleaner.exe
    free ccleaner <= click here

    5. Download to your desktop and run the ZA removal tool, <= click here
    now reboot computer after running ZA Removal tool.

    6. Now Install the latest ZA version without touching any default settings,
    and Do Not Restore Saved Settings from the old install.

    Let us know how you have managed to resolve the issue. It will help other users with the same problem.
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    Red face Re: Blue Screen of Death

    I did all that three times. The last time I got the BSoD I rebooted in safe mode using last successful whatever - and it worked!

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