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Thread: Oulook Express 6 Bypasses ZA Free in Win XP

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    Default Re: Oulook Express 6 Bypasses ZA Free in Win XP

    Quote Originally Posted by fax View Post
    As already stated twice we do not have the list. Unless you have other question related to this (aside from asking the list ) I am afraid I will need soon to close this thread as we are starting to keep repeating the same.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

    So on win XP, ZA (all versions) allows trusted files even though the permissions are set to ASK.. What about on Win7? e.g adobe dream weaver or Photoshop? what if i set them to block it will still allow them?? this is ridiculous. I cannot believe this in fact

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    Default Re: Oulook Express 6 Bypasses ZA Free in Win XP

    Still keep repainting the same. You have been given the directions on how to set ZA to ask. If you do not like those instructions I am afraid you need to find another product that does what you want according to your design.

    At this point as the discussion has exhausted any usefulness and value I am closing this thread.


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