I am using Zone Alarm Free Antivirus + Firewall. Win 7 64bits SP1.

Since I started using ZA that a recurrent behavior keeps taking place and that is that internet pages fail to load. If I remove (uninstall) ZA this behavior eases to occur and IE gets back to be as fast as usual. Obviously ZA is interfering with the way that IE loads pages, making it fail at times.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sort out this issue?

I have had ZA installed on two computers (a desktop and a laptop), I have now removed ZA from my Desktop has, and replaced it with something else, has it was getting very frustrating not being able to peacefully browse the web. I left it in my laptop to see if a solution can be found for my problem.

Already tried to reinstall (using the clean up tool and everything), but it comes back to the same problem, it actually has happened across ZA version, at least 12 and 13 have this issue for me, on both my systems.

I appreciate your attention to this matter!