Hey! First off, not sure if i'm in the right section (sorry!)

I am running win 8.1, and have used for years Avira anti virus (free) and ZA free firewall, as i found them to be very good for the purposes. I recently upgraded to win8.1 and as i always do installed both ZA and Anti vir.

The problem i came across (and has since made me uninstall ZA ) is that Anti vir when i have ZA running has the umbrella guard down saying i have no firewall running (so i have to make sure i'm actually protected etc...) While ZA is ofc running.

I did try to google, and came across somethings with ZA and anti vir having problems working together (not sure on what side)

Is there any way, or fix to have these running alongside each other in harmony as i have always liked the security of both Anti vir and Zonealarm.

Apologies if this is in the wrong section!