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Thread: uninstall and install new version ???

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    Default uninstall and install new version ???

    Howz it,do I need to uninstall ZAISS version 12.0194.000 to install version which I assume is the new ZoneAlarm® 2015

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    Default Re: uninstall and install new version ???

    Yes, its not really mandatory but highly recommended when you are moving between major versions (i.e. form 10 to 11, 11 to 12, etc) as you will ensure you are not porting any bad settings or corruption into the new version.

    To remove your ZA, right click the ZA icon near the clock --> EXIT
    Wait a minute to be sure ZA will unload its drivers and then remove ZA from the OS control panel --> "uninstall a program" (in win7 or win8)
    Reboot the PC
    Now you are ready to install version 13.


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